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The rise after the fall


I'm telling my story for the first time for  several reasons,

Firstly many people were affected by what happened to me an I feel the need to recognize that, and say that I regret what happened, to those who were inadvertently hurt by what transpired. Secondly I want to show that failure isn't the end nor is it permanent you simply need to believe and to work through it. 

Much pressure is put on successful entrepreneurs, particularly when they are young and successful.

However, early success comes with many a pitfall…particularly for the very young.

Christiaan van Schalkwyk learnt about these pitfalls the hard way.

“Being young and successful, and wealthy, was wonderful – for a while anyway. I was proud of the fact that I had followed in the successful footsteps of both my grandfather and father, who were recognized as upstanding community members. However, my lack of maturity did not take into account that it had taken them many years of hard work and commitment to reach the heights that they did.”

Van Schalkwyk started Audio Corporation in a corner of his father’s shop. Passionate about music and technology, van Schalkwyk found a niche market and successfully targeted muso’s and the techno savvy. Within a couple of years, his business had flourished, going from a corner in his father’s business to the takeover of the business and the huge expansion of his own.

While the business grew he fell in love, married and had two beautiful daughters. He bought a beautiful home, was able to travel and live the life of a successful business man.

While everything looked rosy on the outside, turmoil brewed in his private life.

“I had it all, everything I had dreamt of. But my lack of maturity and success went altogether to my head. I had money and gained popularity – all for the wrong reasons. I made some terrible mistakes and behaved badly, and in the process, lost almost everything I valued dearly, even my self-respect.  

My mishandling of my situation cost me my marriage, and most importantly my family. I almost lost the business I had worked so hard to make successful, even my staff paid the price.”

Audio Corporation was badly hit by the turmoil created by its owner. A costly lesson for a young and successful entrepreneur. Reduced to a fraction of its size, van Schalkwyk found himself starting from scratch.  It was a period of growing up for him.

“Firstly, I had to get to the stage where I had to admit that I had bought the crisis in my life upon myself. Only once I had reached that stage, was I able to re-focus and begin to repair the damages I had caused to many. Much of the damage I will never be able to repair, and I must live with that.

I had to clean up my act, clean up my personal life, clean up mistakes that I had made in the business. I have learnt to forgive myself, and hope that those affected by my inconsideration and inexperience will one day forgive me too.

After much soul searching and retrospection, but still passionate about his business, van Schalkwyk has rebuilt himself and his business. He admits it has been a lengthy process but a healthy one.

Audio Corporation is again proving to be the great business it was in the early years of his career.

“We do indeed offer something special and have a variety of products that appeal to a large market. We are growing on that. We are offering a service and leading techno products that are much sought after and not available anywhere else in Limpopo. We remain competitive and if we don’t have a specialized product, we will source it for our clients.

In short I'm rebuilding, my life from scratch, I'm a bit bruised, but much Wiser, more Mature.

I'm exited again about life, my life is once again on the rise, I have resurrected Audio Corporation from the ashes,  admittedly  still much smaller but growing, built on a much more secure foundation, built on experience on past mistakes , built systematically, step by step, built to last.

We are growing steadily, Cash business, much more focused with the fraction of the Debt of the previous business entity, Growing and Thriving Day by Day, Month by Month.

In addition I have been blessed with a beautiful young family, beautiful Wife who met me when I had nothing and has grown with me. She is my Soul mate and the Love of my Life, we have a beautiful young daughter, Her name is Nuve who's name says everything. My 2 daughters of my previous marriage  Miley & Lika, are very much a part of our life's and always will be, last but not least we have a Son  Jaydan from my Wife's previous marriage who keeps us all young and who we love dearly.

As you can see life is on the Up, Once again it has meaning and direction, my life is filled with Love, Purpose and Direction.

This new life is built on hard work, based on hard earned experience and the memory of what it feels like to fail.

I Love Myself again, love my family, love our life and where we going, I can truly say I'm at peace and consider myself Blessed.

I can truly say that everything happened for a reason ...........

Christiaan van Schalkwyk 

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